Wade’s World Foundation Promotes Youth Education

Brian Shechtman owns and operates the world’s largest Christmas-based theme park, Santa’s Enchanted Forest. Over the years, Brian Shechtman has invited a number of charities to visit his park, including Wade’s World Foundation, a nonprofit that operates a number of outreach programs in the underserved communities of Chicago, Milwaukee, and south Florida.

Especially committed to youth education, Wade’s World Foundation (WWF) has developed several initiatives focused on improving the literacy of elementary and middle school students. In Chicago, WWF works closely with a local after-school program to help children living in inner-city communities build the reading skills needed to be academically successful.

In addition, WWF developed the Reading Playoffs, a literacy-based program designed to help students overcome their difficulties with reading. Structured like a sports tournament, Reading Playoffs challenges teams of students to a fun and educational book battle. The competition exposes children to a variety of books and helps improve their comprehension skills.