The Amigos for Kids’ Annual Blue Ribbon Campaign

Amigos for Kids’ Annual Blue Ribbon Campaign pic
Amigos for Kids’ Annual Blue Ribbon Campaign

Miami-based entrepreneur Brian Shechtman owns and operates Santa’s Enchanted Forest, the largest holiday theme park in the world. Since founding Santa’s Enchanted Forest, Brian Shechtman has opened the park to numerous local charitable organizations, including Amigos for Kids.

In pursuit of its mission to prevent child abuse, Amigos for Kids oversees a variety of programs and activities to help parents and families create nurturing home environments. The nonprofit group also conducts a number of advocacy events to raise community awareness about the effects of child abuse.

Every April since 2004, Amigos for Kids has observed National Child Abuse Prevention Month through its Blue Ribbon Campaign, which is coordinated with the help of Miami-Dade County Public Schools, political leaders, and community organizations. In partnership with these groups and individuals, Amigos holds a series of informative events each April in communities throughout South Florida.

The group invites community members to participate by wearing the There’s NO excuse for child abuse! blue ribbon pin, which can be acquired by making a monetary donation through the Amigos website. While there, interested parties also can print promotional ads for the campaign in English, Spanish, and Creole. For more information, visit