Getting into the Christmas Spirit Year Round

My Merry Christmas pic
My Merry Christmas

Getting into the Christmas spirit is easy when December nears. The weather starts to get cold, Christmas songs play on the radio, and decorations start appearing. In some cities, holiday-themed carnivals, such as Brian Shechtman’s Miami-based Santa’s Enchanted Forest, even come to town. Brian Shechtman’s guests enjoy a three-million-light display and over 100 attractions, rides, shows, and games to get them into the Christmas mood.

For those who really enjoy Christmas, there are activities that can give you the Christmas feeling year round. Here are a few suggestions:

1. Visit a Year-Round Christmas Town
Some towns have year-round Christmas attractions. North Pole, Alaska, tops the list. Here visitors can go to Santa’s Workshop, check the reindeer at Santa Claus’ House, and drive down Snowman Lane. Even though it’s not where the real North Pole is located, thousands of letters to Santa get sent there anyway.

2. Listen to Kringle Radio
Kringle Radio streams commercial-free Christmas music all day, all year long.

3. Join a Year-Round Christmas Online Community
Believe it or not, year-round Christmas enthusiasts exist. Sites such as share Christmas news, features, and podcasts throughout the year. It even holds events such as Christmas writing contests and tree ornament exchanges.


From the Desk of Brian Schectman: Visiting Theme Parks with Young Children, Part 2

Consider safety when planning a day at a theme park. Dress children in brightly colored clothing so you can spot them in a crowd. Write your cell phone number inside your young child’s collar, or put an index card or a business card in a jacket pocket. If your child tends to wander, don’t hesitate to use a bungee. Take a lightweight stroller for young children.

Print a park schedule and a map the evening before, and then plan your day. Prioritize the events and rides you want to enjoy first. Allow plenty of time for rests, because an occasional break could prevent crankiness and tantrums. Don’t nag your child to partake in rides if he isn’t interested, and don’t disobey park rules regarding size and age limitations. Keep things low key, because a visit to a theme park is often exhausting for a young child. Relax, enjoy, and make it a memorable day.

As owner of Santa’s Enchanted Forest, Brian Schectman scouts the best rides for his park by visiting fairs and festivals across the country. The park, located at Miami’s Tropical Park, is the largest Christmas theme park in the world.